I can honestly say your friend is totally off-base. I got a tattoo when I turned 18. It's located on my lower back off to one side and there is no story attached to it. It's of a butterfly and the artist did a wonderful job and added some shading that really made it stand out. When I went to high school afterwards… » 2/03/12 6:44pm 2/03/12 6:44pm

So those staff members at my local JC Penney who stand right inside the doors handing out store coupons are really just trying to peek at my ring finger when I walk in with my husband to make sure that I am a properly married female and not some kind of slutty slut slut? Do I get a 30% discount coupon if I'm rocking… » 2/02/12 10:30am 2/02/12 10:30am

They didn't just tell him to cease and desist selling his sperm over the internet. According to the official document, they sent him an "Order to Cease Manufacturing". The FDA seriously thinks it can order a male to stop making sperm. Good luck with that! » 12/20/11 2:14pm 12/20/11 2:14pm

If she was wearing a shirt that said "Virginia is for Lovers" and the school said it was too racy I could see the mother having an argument. But a Confederate flag? No. I was born in and have lived my entire life in Virginia and I consider that flag to be a piece of our past that should serve as a warning to the… » 11/17/11 11:31am 11/17/11 11:31am